Digital precision cancer medicine for discoveries and improved treatments.
What is iCAN?

Breakthrough research for improved cancer diagnostics and treatments

iCAN aims to improve outcomes and quality of life of cancer patients. We do this through cutting-edge research focused on improving understanding in immuno-oncology, tumor microenvironment and development of disease resistance.
Our research projects leverage the iCAN discovery platform to identify new targets and solutions for diagnosing and treating cancer.

Integrating tumor molecular profiling and patients’ health data

The iCAN discovery platform links molecular profiling of tumors with broader health data of cancer patients, acting as a catalyst for breakthrough research and technologies.
The scale of data – 15,000 samples across different cancer types will be profiled by 2026 – enables real impact and broad studies across different cancer types. The platform will enable an improved understanding of the complex interplay between cancer cells and the host.

Accelerating world-class scientific innovation with the patient in focus

Our approach is to keep the patient in the focus in all activities in developing a research and innovation hub in digital precision cancer medicine.
At the heart of the ecosystem is the iCAN discovery platform leveraged in collaborative partnerships among researchers and the life science industry.

Our latest news

iCAN käynnistää syksyllä syöpänäytteiden molekyyliprofiloinnin - tavoitteena tutkia 15 000 biopankkisuostumuksella kerättävää näytettä yli syöpätyyppien. Tuotettu tieto palautuu biopankkiin tulevaisuuden tutkimuksia varten. Lue lisää: @HBiopankki @HUS_fi

Do you believe that today’s grand challenges in health and environment are solved together? That breakthroughs emerge by giving talented researchers sufficient resources and freedom to pursue their ambitions and expertise towards higher goals?

🌟 Then this is your place! 🌟

iCAN is part of the Academy of Finland Flagship Programme and hosted by the university of Helsinki and HUS Helsinki University Hospital

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