Request for proposals to be integrated into the iCAN Flagship Project 2021-22

An important part of the iCAN national R&D flagship is the initiating iCAN Flagship Project (FP) linking deep molecular profiling with deep clinical and health data from 15 000 patients from different cancer types. The integrated data – hosted within HUS data lake – enable studies to providing a new level of understanding cancer in the context of the host. The overall aim is to improve understanding in immuno-oncology, tumour microenvironment and development of disease resistance and identify new targets and contribute to development of improved treatments.

Following the implementation stage, the FP is initiating as an integrated project linking deep molecular profiling and clinical/ health data from 5000 patients by the end of 2022. The FP thus provides an excellent novel opportunity to address pressing scientific questions of tumours in the context of the patient. Teams of iCAN-affiliated PIs at UH/HUS are therefore requested to draft proposals for scientifically relevant investigations that can be addressed through utilization and further development of the platform. Selected proposals will form the public part of the FP additionally consisting of public-private collaborative subprojects.

Proposal Form

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Proposal Guide

Further Info & Questions:

As this request for proposal is not a conventional call, we anticipate iterative discussions, and are more than happy to help out in drafting the proposals. Also the iCAN Patient and Citizen Advisory Board POTKU is ready to provide feedback and support.

Contact: Project Manager Leena Karhinen / Executive Officer Tomi Mäkelä

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