Watch the new HCH Health TV episode featuring iCAN: How does cutting-edge cancer research build on the best data in the world?

What is iCAN? How does it utilise the best health data in the world? How can organisations join the iCAN initiative? Watch the latest episode of HCH Health TV, Cutting-edge cancer research builds on the best data in the world” to find out.

This Health TV episode, hosted by Health Capital Helsinki, introduces iCAN and its ambitious mission of combining precision cancer medicine and digital health data in innovative ways.

How does this public-private flagship project connect the best longitudinal patient data and tumor molecular profiling in cancer research? What are Finland’s globally unique assets for combining precision cancer medicine and digital health?

The expert panelists of this episode are Tomi Mäkelä (Executive Officer, iCAN), Minna Anttonen (Executive Director, Association of Cancer Patients in Finland), Jonathan Knowles (Chairman, iCAN Scientific and Impact Advisory Board) and Juha Paakkola (Director, Health Capital Helsinki).

Watch the event recording on the Health Capital Helsinki website and be sure to also check out the other interesting Health TV episodes about using the unique Finnish health data!

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